Many airlines from different countries of the world fly to St. Maarten. In addition, several charter companies also fly to the island. Your favorite travel agent can most likely arrange a charter flight for you or book your flight to the island. You can also click on the airline websites listed below and book your flight directly with your favorite airline or the one that offers the best rates. Generally, making your airline reservation after midnight Tuesday morning going into Wednesday is the best time to check rates to the island. This is when the airlines change the rates in their computer systems. So, Wednesday morning before you go to work might be the perfect time to book your flight because the rate may be cheaper than any time before the departure date.

If the rate dosen't seem cheap enough to you, check back every few days. Rates change and fluctuate continually as the weeks go by and get closer to the departure date. But, the problem is that as more seats are sold closer to the departure date, rates will go higher. So, it's a balancing act on when you should make your reservation. The rule of thumb is that if a rate looks good to you and is reasonably priced, then you should make your reservation. Also, keep in mind that if you book a flight which makes a stop at another airport along the way to your destination, the rate will be much cheaper than if you book a flight that flies directly to your destination. Example: A flight that flies from Newark Liberty International Airport (New Jersey) or John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York) with a destination of StMaarten/StMartin, but stops in Miami will be cheaper than if you fly directly from NJ/NY to the Island.

St. Maarten / St. Martin, the friendly island, is a very popular destination and one that returns value in the form of great restaurants, weather, beaches, casinos, fun and wonderful memories for people looking for a vacation/holiday. Have a great time!


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