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"We used The Value Guide on our trip and our trip would not have been the same without it! I will recommend it to anyone traveling to St. Maarten/St. Martin. We wish you had a travel guide for every location we wish to travel! Thank you!"
Kathy S., Florida, USA

"It is the most informative guide we've gotten to date ...
Sheba & Richard F., Los Angeles, CA
"I've printed and read the entire guide, my husband and I loved it. It is the most informative guide we've gotten to date and has been very helpful, we appreciate you sharing it with us."

"We have visited St. Martin numerous times, but still found new information in The Value Guide."
Jack L., USA
We took another couple with us on our visit to St. Martin in November. They spent the first several days marveling over how friendly the people are -- but then you have known that all along. One of our favorite restaurants is not mentioned anywhere in your literature or in any of the Travel Forum reports. It is Le St. Germaine in the Marigot Marina. The food is outstanding, but reasonably priced. The staff is the friendliest we have found and, when combined with the food, provide a memorable evening.

"We just got back from a wonderful week in St. Martin, made all the more perfect by the Value Guide ... thanks."
Richard, Shropshire, UK
"Although you say many times in the Guide how good the food is, I wasn't prepared for how much of a step up it was from other Caribbean islands. St. Martin is a gourmet paradise; we didn't have anything less than perfect food anywhere, and we struggled to name the best place.   Driving on the French side is distinctly different to the Dutch side, there are a lot less signs, if any, and there are more lunatics!  

We were told by a guide that under French Law, the French side is effectively part of France, and they cannot charge any more for goods than they would be in France. So the wine for instance, bought in the supermarkets, is the cheapest in the Caribbean.   Unique in the whole Caribbean, Europeans with GSM mobile phones can nowget coverage in St. Martin from the French networks. In all the other islands you can only use American phones. Luckily, I had told the office that there was no coverage, so I didn't get any calls!  

The Butterfly Farm: Although the owners know you, and the Value Guide, the English manager doesn't, and wasn't aware of the lyrical and entirely accurate description you did of the place. What visitors might not appreciate is the fact that the entire place has been completely
flattened three times by hurricanes; each time they have started again.  

La Petite Auberge des Iles: Lovely people, very fond of you by the way, and this place is a real delight. They did several dishes not on the menu for our fussy teenagers. Good place to people watch.  

Turtle Pier: I think this was probably our favourite, for the flavour of the food if nothing else. The Coconut Shrimps are the best we ever tasted in the world. And of course there is that free bottle of wine.  

Dawn Beach: The resort at the end is now called Oyster Bay Beach Resort, they are no longer with Radisson, and that's where we stayed by the way. In there is a branch of Shipwreck Shops, where they had never heard of you, but they have now and we extracted the discount from them! You mention Mr Busby's Beach Bar in your write up, but he deserves a listing in your restaurant section because the food is superb. He does fresh lobsters, very reasonably, and the Filet Mignons were delightful. Check him out and see if he will give you a Value Guide discount.  

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